Artistic Group

"Utervision Company Japan"

 Introduction of the company


The company name ‘Utervision’ is coined from uter (derived from Latin ‘usterus’ for womb) and vision. It represents our ambition to be an artistic group which encompasses all branches of art and keep producing new experience for the audience. Five key

elements of Utervision’s creative processes are: Text, Physical movement, Music, Puppetry and Design. The primary art form we work with is performance and we strive to create performance work which speaks to people all over the world.Since its launch in 2011, Utervision has presented its performance work in Japan and beyond, including in Festival d’Avignon OFF (France) and Edinburgh Festival Fringe (UK). The company has also developed a collaborative relationship with the artists in Southeast Asian countries in recent years and presented the performance, “A City with Monuments” in Harmony World Puppet Festival 2017 in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, followed by a workshop with Joe Louis Theatre in Bangkok,Thailand, “Momo” to2017 The Yun-lin International Theatre Festival For Young Audience 2019 in Rumania,In addition, in collaboration. Most recently, we brought our work, with Theater Mall Nepal, we have begun work to create a sustainable production in Nepal.


Utervision consists of eight artists as core members: Erina Saji (Director / Performer), Mari Motegi (Designer), Eri Tomoi (Performer),Kay(Performer),Maki Maki(Performer), Masao Miki (Choreographer / Dance Artist) and Yutaka Ota (Composer / Musician), andan oversea production manager and translator, Moe Shoji.



Invited work

●  My Own Criminology; A Story of Adam and Eve

    Recommended by the Iida Puppet Festa 2015

    Official Selection of Ishikawa Theatre Festival 2015

●  Ango / Sakura

    Invited to perform in the theatre at the Festival OFF D’avignon 2015

●  The Wardrobe ~She is Gone~

    Official Selection of Kanchanaburi International Puppet Theatre Festival 2016

●  Donated a puppet to TOpic (Tolosa Puppet International Center) in 2016

●  Lecture and Performance “Attractiveness of Puppet” at TEDxTokyo yz in 2016

●  Momo, invited to Yunlin International Puppet Theatre Festival

●  Official Selection of THE ASEAN PUPPET FESTIVAL HANOI 2017

●  Donate a puppet to Yunlin Puppet Museum in 2017

●  Official Selection of Thailand World Harmony Puppet World Festival in Kanchanaburi 2017

●  Selected as a Resident Artist in “Cocokita”, cultural and artistic activity base in Kita-ku, Tokyo in April 2018

 ●  Invited to Taichung World Flora EXPOSITION- PUPPET SHOW SUMMIT in March 2019

●  Invited to INTERNATIONAL THEATER FESTIVAL FOR YOUNG AUDIENCE in Romania for performance and workshop in October 2019


Funding secured

●  Cultural Promotion Fund Support of Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo 2016-2017

●  Children’s Dream Fund Support 2016-2017

●  Cultural Promotion Fund Support of Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo 2017-2018

●  Child Dream Fund Support 2017-2018

●  Selected for Japan Foundation The Asia Center Fellowship 2017

●  Child Dream Fund Support 2018-2019

●  Subsidy for sound development of children and boys 2019

●  Mitsubishi UFJ International Foundation 2019 Public Offering Grant 2019



●  Festival D’avignon “Festival D’avignon comes to a close after shedding spotlights on Chinese and Japanese artists.” 2011
●  China's National Public Broadcasting Network (SOHU 網・中国価値網・貿易之窓網・融合網・卓創資信・彿山旅行) 2011
●  "Kyoto Radio" Interview 2011
●  “Setagaya TekuTeku Television” Interview
●  2011 Great East Japan Earthquake 2013 in Avignon, reconstruction campaign for the Great East Japan Earthquake, using music and videos
●  Video Co., Ldt interview `` Filmed an interview for Video Co., Ldt'' 2015
●  Appeared on TV "Moyamoya-samaazu2" in 2016
●  Laos national newspaper `` Phasa Song '' activity published 2018
●  JCOM `` Tokyo Northern People Encyclopedia '' appearance 2018
●  Nepal newspaper `` Nagarik News '' `` Setopati NEPAL'S DIGITAL NEWSPAPER '' `` My City'' 2019
●  Appeared in Nepal TV `` Baahrakhari '' 2019, posted on the web